Let's create the field guide for Lepidoptera

LepSnap is a community field guide, created and edited by those who share a commitment to catalog 175,000+ species of moths and butterflies around the world.

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Snap to identify

Our image ID gets better with each photo you add.

LepSnap analyzes your moth/butterfly photo to suggest possible IDs that can be later verified by experts.

Record your observations

Your photos are neatly organized by what they depict.

LepSnap arranges your observations into a dynamic checklist. When taxonomic treatments change, your records update automatically.

Showcase your collection

Sharing collection data builds a richer picture of morphology and distribution.

LepSnap exists in thanks to

  • LepNet

    A data portal for documenting diversity of moths & butterflies.

  • Visipedia

    A computer vision toolkit to harvest and organize visual information.

  • Fieldguide

    A software platform to create a “field guide for everything”.

With a special thanks to our founding collaborators

  • Neil Cobb, Symbiota/SCAN/LepNet
  • Benjamin Brandt, Symbiota/SCAN/LepNet
  • Serge Belongie, Cornell Tech
  • Pietro Perona, Caltech
  • Grant Van Horn, Caltech
  • Seabrooke Leckie, co-author Peterson Guide to Moths
  • David Beadle, co-author Peterson Guide to Moths
  • Merrill Peterson, Pacific Northwest Moths
  • John Davis, Naturalist
  • Dick Wilson, Naturalist
  • Andrew Cooper, Naturalist
  • Ken Childs, Naturalist
  • Carl Barrentine, Naturalist

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